Aquila private cheat doesn't work?

Before you start reading this article, I want to give information for the laziest. If you don't want to follow the recommendations, you feel that you can't do it, or you just don't need to - we can install and run the cheat ourselves via remote access. You are required to contact us in advance, discuss the possible connection time and pay for the service.

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To begin with, everything is much simpler than you think.

Most of the errors are taken because something interferes with the program.

Your actions should look like this:

1. You need to REMOVE the antivirus. Do not neglect this point and just turn it off. Often, security services work in the background and disabling does not give any result.

After the removal, restart your computer so that the changes take effect.

2. Next, you need to disable Windows Defender. This is standard operating system protection. It will also become an obstacle between you and the working cheat.

Open Start > Settings > Update and Security > Windows Security > Virus and Threat Protection > Settings Management (or Virus and Threat Protection Settings)

Select Off for the Real-time Protection parameter / Disables it.

3. To secure the result of disabling defenders, download the Defender Control program [Password from the archive 777]. I use it most often in my work. And click Disable Windows Defender.

4. After that, I recommend using a utility that will disable your security services and Windows updates.

Why not upgrade your operating system? Often, after Microsoft releases a new patch of its OS, the cheats stop working on the PC. This is due to the fact that they need to be further optimized for the update. You can download the utility from the link. Open the Disable tab, check all the boxes, click Apply Now and send the computer to reboot. If you need to enable defenders in the future, you can run them through the same utility - the Enable tab.

5. There are programs that will interfere with the work of cheats in every possible way. They have built-in internal defenders and anti-cheats. They need to be removed. Here is their list:

Riot games;


Sometimes VirtualBox gets in the way;

Faceit. What should I do if you already have it installed? Most often, it is not easy to remove it from the system. It saves files that will interfere.

  • Go to the control panel - Programs and components - Delete Face it.
  • Open the command prompt, it is also CMD on behalf of the administrator. Write the following command:
  • net stop FACEIT;
  • Next, follow the path: C:\Windows\System32\drivers;
  • Deleting a file: faceit.sys;
  • With the second mouse button, click on disk C - properties - disk cleanup - system file cleanup [Check all the boxes]. Execute, then restart the PC.

6. A certain set of components is required for the cheats to work. These are standard programs that you should already have installed. Previously, they were issued together with the computer on CD discs. You can download them using the All in One Runtimes program. Definitely, the utility will positively affect the operation of your computer. Also, it will help to solve famous mistakes, such as lack of msvcp140.dll , msvcp110.dll and others.

7. The Windows Defender Firewall must be turned off. Go to Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Windows Defender Firewall > Configure Settings. And in both points, select the "Disable" option.

8. Optional item, but I would recommend you to do it to save your computer from possible lags and freezes. Clear your registry of junk. Download the CCleaner program. I attached a link to the official website - the free version. It is more than enough to solve your question.

In any game with any cheat, you can get your account blocked. Play as carefully as possible.

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