Answers to frequently asked questions about Aquila cheats

Button to open the cheat menu in the game?

Answer: In the game, the menu opens at HOME / END / INSERT / DELETE.


What should I do if the game crashes?

Answer: If you crash at startup, run the game in windowed mode.


What should I do if I have an incomprehensible crash or game closure during the game?

Answer: If you crash during the game, do not enable the functions before which it is written "Crash or Test".


My cheat doesn't work, what are we going to do?

Answer: Perform.


Help with the cheat, give CFG or settings for the cheat.


1. cfgs will be available soon.

1.1 Everyone configures the SOFTWARE for themselves, we do not configure the cheat for the game!


the Launcher asks for an update, what do we do?

A large percentage that Your provider blocks our server.

Decision: Check with your provider about the problem


The launcher says that FaceIT is loaded into the system.


1. Check if the FaceIT system;

1.1 Log in to the control panel;

1.2 Next to uninstall programs;

1.3 Find FaceIT and delete It;

1.4 Open the command prompt, which is also CMD as an administrator. Write the following command:

net stop FACEIT;

Next, follow the path on your PC: C:\Windows\System32\drivers;

Delete the following file: faceit.sys;

Next, click on disk C with the second mouse button-properties-disk cleanup-system file cleanup [Check all boxes]. Run, then restart the PC.


Error Cant create Dx9 or Cant create Dx11


1. Switch the game to windowed mode;

2. Install directx.


Driver Error 2, Driver Error, or Driver Error 0xC(character set).

Occurs only with antivirus or anti-cheats like FaceIt or Valorant


1. Disable or delete all antivirus software;

2. Check if the FaceIT system;

2.1 Log in to the control panel;

2.2 Next to uninstall programs;

2.3 Find FaceIT and delete It;

3. Check whether Valorant anti-cheat is installed in the system;

3.1 using This method, you can delete it-for more information, see the screenshot.


Error Driver Error 1168.

Your system is not suitable for our SOFTWARE.

Decision: Download Windows 10 to 2004 build.


Error Driver Error 126.

Your system is not suitable for our SOFTWARE or you are running the wrong version of the game.


1. Check in the IC or in the launcher of the game launcher - the integrity of the game client;

2. Check all the boxes in the game launcher;

2.1 Example on the screenshots, there should be a check mark:

3. if all else fails, download Windows 10 pre-2004 build.


Error 988.

Solution: This error is rare, but if it happens, you need to update your Windows to the PRO version.


I lost my connection to the server, what should I do?


1. Try the spoofer that is built into BogHack.

If it doesn't help, go to the next step.

2. Buy our private Spoofer, it will help you continue playing your favorite game.


I have to sit down FPS or in the game I can't click anything.


1. just turn off the menu by pressing one of the HOME / END / INSERT / DELETE buttons

If it doesn't help, go to the next step.

2. Set the game's graphics settings to lower.


Screen of death when launching the spoofer.


1. Disable the protection of driver digital signature checks. More detailed.


Rules for security from being banned and from being banned in other games.


1. after playing, be sure to restart;

2. if you crash the cheat or have a problem at startup, be sure to restart your computer;

3. Clean the logs using the program: CCleaner. You can download it in the archive with the components.

In any game with any cheat, you can get your account blocked. Play as carefully as possible.

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