AquilaCheats private cheat license agreement

The purchase of the AquilaCheats product is obviously interpreted as the buyer's consent to the license agreement between him and the intermediary / developer.


By paying, you automatically agree to the license agreements of AquilaCheats products.



- I reserve the right to change the subscription price at any time.

- I do not guarantee further addition, updating or correction of product features.

- You use the products at your own risk.

- By purchasing software from AquilaCheats, you agree with the rule that when the project is detected or completely closed, you will not receive a refund!


Account blocking:

- The Undetected status does not guarantee 100% protection from blocking (with any cheat in any game, a ban is possible).

- Use of the SOFTWARE at your own risk.

I am not responsible for blocking accounts.

You agree with the rule that if you block your gaming account, you will not receive a refund!



- Support is provided for the entire period of purchase of the product key for free.


Refund of funds:

- Possible in case of software malfunction on your system and with no possibility of error correction.

Refunds are made ONLY on the day you purchase our software.

If you bought the software without looking at the system requirements or bought it knowing that your system does not fit - no refund is made.

If you are banned, no refund is made.


Bandaging software:

- Dressing of the software is carried out for 200 rubles. You will need to provide reasons for the dressing.

P.S. If there are valid reasons, the dressing is FREE of CHARGE.


Software update:

- If the software update takes more than 24 hours, the lost activation time is compensated.


The following actions cause the key to be deactivated:

- Transfer this software to third parties.

- Transfer the license key

- Attempt to influence the SOFTWARE by any means in order to obtain the possibility of unauthorized use

- Attempt to violate the integrity of the software

It is punishable by deactivating the key.


FORBIDDEN (Chat/Group in Telegram/Discord):

- Insult to the administration (ban forever);

- Bickering with the administration. For this there is a BOS. Misunderstanding after the warning is evaluated as an insult to the administration (warning/ban / ban forever);

- Outright nonsense in messages, inadequacy, not informative, quoting the message as a response (warning/ban);

- Abuse of "profanity" (warning/ban);

- Insults to other members of the group and provocation of a conflict (deleting a message, warning/ban);

- Pointless flood(warning/ban);

- Advertising of other software(warning/ban);

- Links to the chat are prohibited (warning/ban);

In any game with any cheat, you can get your account blocked. Play as carefully as possible.

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