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At one point, it became the MOST popular cheat in the game warface, all thanks to the fact that it was created literally because of one function, which previously allowed to kick the entire enemy team, so no one has ever seen the nickname of the user who was engaged in such an unfortunate violation. Unfortunately, the game developers do not sit still and after a few weeks were able to fix such a big bug in their game. The developer of the cheat decided not to close the project, but on the contrary modified it and provided the software with a powerful and accurate aimbot, from which no enemy can escape. Accordingly, that very famous "kick" function is gone. But nevertheless, this software rightfully bears the title of one of the most powerful and reckless, which is used by the most "repulsed cheaters". Keep in mind, because the cheat's functionality is extremely powerful - there is a great chance of getting your account blocked. Use the online payment on our website right now and start winning your favorite warface game.

Works on systems: See here

Several different payment systems have been added to the site. If you can't pay with one provider, you can use another one. If you do not pass the payment at all, please contact our

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2$ - 24 hours

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7$ - 7 days

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16$ - 30 days



  • Disable Recoil
  • Disable Scatter
  • Auto-charging
  • Quick change of weapons
  • Quick Knife
  • Crash players [V]
  • Increase the rate of fire



  • Enemy silhouettes
  • Silhouettes of weapons
  • Silhouettes of cases
  • Skeletons of enemies



  • Anti - afc
  • Kill with a knife


Aim type

  • Fast
  • Fov
  • Auto - shooting
  • Hits
  • Shooting through the walls (IN ONE)
  • Show the whole
  • Helicopter(V) [Robbery]
  • Doors (V) [ROY]
  • Beehive (V) [ROY]
  • Queen of the Swarm (V) [ROY]
  • Capsules (V)
  • Ducks (V) (Sunrise)
  • Spiders (V) (Mars)
  • Teraformer (V) (Mars)
  • Rockets (V) (Mars)
  • Drone(V) (Blackwood)
  • Argus(Z) (Blackwood)
  • Objects (B) (Blackwood)
  • Suicide (Alt)| Kill Your Own (T)
  • Juggernaut

After payment you will receive detailed instructions for activating, launching and using the program. Which will come to you at the mail indicated before payment.

There you can also find a download link and the necessary components for the program to work.

In any game with any cheat, you can get your account blocked. Play as carefully as possible.

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