AIM Aquila Working Private cheat for Super People game

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The Super People game rapidly began to gain popularity even at the Beta testing stage. Our developer could not stay away and miss the wave of hype. In the shortest possible time, at the stage of early access, working software was created, which was further refined and improved. Unfortunately, the project did not meet my expectations. I was waiting for a huge army of fighters who are having fun in the vastness of the shooter. In fact, 22 thousand people went online. The difference with PUBG is more than 5 times. Nevertheless, since you are reading this text, we have something to offer.

A full-fledged version of the cheat is presented to your attention, which includes an Aim Bot - the ability to hover the mouse cursor over the enemy. It remains only to make a shot and pick up the long-awaited frag. The cheat is divided into two versions. ESP is more secure. And the one on the page you are on.

The difference is only in one tab - Aim Bot. You should weigh all the risks before using the guidance feature. In case of problems, the developer can personally help in their elimination.


Works on systems: See here

The cheat supports two languages. Russian and English.

Together with the cheat, you can get Spoofer Aquila for free. To do this, after payment, write on the website , you will be given a key to the spoofer for the same period for which the cheat was purchased. In order for you to be given a key, you need to leave a positive review on the site .

You can buy AimBot for the Super People game online on our website

The functionality of the program


  • Players in the screen
  • Players off screen
  • Number of viewers
  • Show bots
  • Distance
  • Nicky
  • HP Team
  • Skeleton
  • Head
  • Stroke panel
  • Lines
  • Radar
  • Radar scale
  • The size of my player
  • Enemy Size



  • Radar scale
  • The size of my player
  • Enemy Size

Aim Bot:

  • Turn on
  • Bone
  • Show the bone
  • Aim button
  • Radius
  • Speed



  • Scope



  • Enable anti-screeners
  • Vertical synchronization
  • Overlay outline
  • Resource consumption
  • Menu button
  • Emergency shutdown of Aim
  • Emergency shutdown of the cheat

After payment, you will receive detailed instructions on how to activate, launch and use the program. Which will be sent to the email address specified before the payment.

There you can also find a download link and the necessary components for the program to work.

In any game with any cheat, you can get your account blocked. Play as carefully as possible.

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